Yes, it is happening a month later than usual this year, at the end of July - as the picture above suggests, I have spent a certain amount of the year so far on the road, in MO, TX, CO, CA, etc. Here at the studio on July 22 I will have a great array of new work - and, as in past years, tables of older work I'm happy to let go at fabulous prices. 


If you're in town - do drop by! A favorite part of the summer sale, for me, is just getting a chance to chat & say hello. The sale takes place on one day only, like last year - Saturday, second-to-last July weekend, nine to five.

I have found myself returning to 'traditional' forms somewhat so far in 2017 - for me this means the vase, first. If I have just a few moments to get to the studio on a busy day, or just a few extra pounds of clay left after a long session in there - I throw a vase. An archetypal form, the fullest representation of the whole, the inner & outer, the visible & invisible. One could spend a lifetime...

Click through these images to see some of the newest...most of these pieces will be on hand for the Studio Sale.

And as in past years - if you're elsewhere that weekend & would like to shop on-line instead, there's a code you can enter at the web site gallery that allows free shipping on your purchases: Studio-Sale-2017 (Good July 20 - 24)

As always, feel free to call or email to see what else might be on the shelves here but not shown on-line - I am happy to send images, discuss options, hold pieces for consideration...'s a few snapshots of the year 2017 so far: