Designed for potters with some wheel-throwing experience. Demonstrations look closely at the three basic wheel-thrown forms - cylinder, bowl, and plate - aiming to understand, and see, and master these forms more completely. Lots of example pieces are provided, both good & bad, by both 'famous' & unknown potters - discussion & critique are interspersed. Twenty-five pounds of hand-dug cone ten stoneware are provided to each participant. There is an emphasis on scaling up & throwing larger.

Demonstrations are responsive to issues raised in discussion - typical demos cover strategies for centering & throwing 'big,' stacking pre-thrown sections to achieve greater overall scale, cutting & re-assembling leather-hard pots to transform them, 'harvesting' wheel-thrown forms to make slab pieces.

The workshop goals are increased confidence & freedom in the studio practice. The variety of possible options to solve particular problems is highlighted, and final conclusions about 'right' ways to make pots are resisted. The workshop is exploratory and interactive. You should leave with more questions about form and about wheel-throwing than you arrived with. 

thrown & altered stoneware bowl

... a recent workshop at The Cove Art Center in McKinney, Texas